HOC has been supplying race car teams and race car manufacturers with high quality, light, strong and stiff carbon fibre parts at reasonable costs from day one, and has continuously been challenging and pushing the boundaries of what is possible together with our customers.

HOC has today been supplying parts for nearly everything among others:
  • Formula 1
  • LMP 1 and 2
  • Different Sports Car Prototypes
  • Different Formula Classes
  • WTCC, ETCC, STCC and DTC Touring cars
  • Different Rally cars
  • Top Fuel and Funny drag cars
  • Speedway motorcycles

Road cars

The experience within the motorsport business made the step to producing high quality and lightweight exterior and interior carbon fibre parts with visual carbon fibre surfaces either with glossy or dull lacquer finish for high end sports cars easy and successful and is an increasing business today.

Carbon fibre parts for painting are also supplied and due to the production quality without pin holes the parts can be painted directly after a light grinding and a degreasing whip. So no expensive and labour extensive sanding and filler processes are necessary.

  Bodywork for electric cars has also been produced in glass fibre, bio fibres and carbon fibres.

Today it is also possible to supply thermoplastic carbon, bio or glass fibre reinforced solutions which after manufacturing can be thermo-shaped, welded and finally recycled at the end of the life cycle leading to more green composite material solutions.

Experimental cars

In cooperation with the Danish Universities parts for different electrical, solar powered or Formula SAE experimental cars have been produced in carbon fibre including several monocoque chassis.   

Other verichles

At the heavy duty range a truck trailer lightweight chassis completely in composite materials have been produced for a refrigerated trailer. The final result was a trailer weight reduction of 3 tons leading to extra 3 tons of payload or 3 tons less to carry giving reduced fuel consumption, which pays the trailer by itself.  

Manufacturing process

House of Composites are using a wide range of manufacturing processes from which the most suitable will be selected to maximize the output.

Vacuum infusion

Vacuum Infusion (VI) is also known as Resin Infusion, VaRTM, SCRIMP etc. VI is a modern and reliable one-sided manufacturing process which is able to generate consistent and high quality parts at reasonable costs. The tooling investment is also reasonable low as it is a one-sided tooling concept with a flexible and replaceable plastic bag as B side. It is a closed process so VOC can be reduced to almost zero.  

Vacuum Infusion benefits

  • Repeatable process
  • Low cost materials compared to prepregs
  • Much larger material possibilities compared to prepregs
  • Easier lay-up due to higher fabric drapeability compared to prepregs
  • Visual processing makes it easier to perform QC
  • Oneshot processing of sandwich structures with closed cell core
  • Medium high fibre volume fraction of 45-55%
  • No limitations in size (Used for big boat hulls and wind turbine blades)


HOC have in-house tooling facilities including CNC machining.

  Tools for composites manufacturing are produced of a large range of materials and concepts selected for the specific application, where the following criterias among others are evaluated during the tool selection evaluation:
  • Number of prints
  • Temperature cure cycle
  • Surface quality
  • Accuracy during tool manufacturing
  • Accuracy during processing due to thermal expansion (CTE) and resin shrinkage
  • Vacuum integrity
  • Tool stiffness, strength and stress

The majority of tools are made out of machined metals or composite materials with or with-out internal heating, but for prototypes and zero series tools can also be machined directly in low cost tooling boards.

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